Crystal Forest, Sun Peaks BC Highlighted Townhouse Complex

If you have ever ventured to Sun Peaks BC. Crystal Forest is one of the most recognizable complexes in the village, it has a distinctively European Alps style.  It is located centrally, just a short walk to the village and restaurants and shops and the outdoor skating rink and recreational centers.

Sun Peaks, Crystal Forest Townhouse For Sale

Crystal Forest is zoned for tourism accommodation which means it is ideal for the buyers looking for a recreational property to rent out on a nightly bases. You can rent out units on your own, utilizing online websites like allura direct, and hire a cleaning service make sure the units are nice and clean or hire a full service management company to take care of all the details. With the nightly rental revenue you can cover some of the costs of ownership.  Typically your expectation should be to cover operating costs, like strata fees and taxes with full service management of nightly rental revenue. Owning real estate in Sun Peaks is very much a lifestyle choice more so than a money generating venture.

One thing to be aware of is GST liability. In tourism accommodation zoned properties it is typical for buyers to differ the GST on properties so that they can claim back GST costs associated with running the property as a nightly rental property.  This includes differing management fees that are GST applicable.  For more details about GST liability your best bet would be to contact a creditable accountant to help you get the information you need to determine whether differing GST makes sense for you.

For more information about Sun Peaks Real estate please feel free to contact me.  If you are thinking of selling I provide free consultations, and cutting edge marketing solutions so you that you can make an informed decision and get the best results. For those of you thinking of buying in this market it always helps to get great advise and learn from an expert. Please feel free to contact me today!

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